Winning by Getting Back to Basics and Always be Improving with Denny Grimes

Denny Grimes has been selling homes in the SW Florida area for over 30 years and is a respected real estate agent/expert, one that offers unparalleled range of expertise to home buyers, sellers, builders and developers.
Denny holds numerous real estate designations, as well as a MBA in Marketing. He and his team has sold well over a half-billion dollars of residential real estate with annual production as high as $150 million.
Denny has been the top selling agent in his office every year of his career, (with the exception of his first year). He attributes that accomplishment to his attention to the customer, establishing himself as the market expert and his work ethic (Denny starts his day at 3:05 am. He would like it to be earlier but feels that getting up at 2 something would appear strange to others.)
He is the annual keynote speaker for The News-Press Market Watch, one of the largest real estate programs in the country that attracts between 1,000 and 2,000 attendees each year. He also has a regular TV segment on a local CBS affiliate called Real Estate Matters and is a contributing real estate expert for local and national media. His keen whit and sense of humor make him not only a crowd pleaser, but a crowd favorite. He is currently writing a book on real estate success axioms. Denny’s passions include speaking, flying, running marathons and half marathons with Kristan Cole, his Significant Other, and on the more sedimentary side, movies and Broadway Plays. The three most recent additions to his bucket list are to complete an Iron Man, run the London Marathon and play a round of golf without a three-putt green, which he says may be the most difficult of the three.

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