Building a list is all about building a relationship with Alex Harris of Alex Designs

If you collect email keep up with your site.
Know what the reason is they came to your sight.

Niche down in your industry; continue to niche down until you are uncomfortable.
Find your speciality and teach others about what you know.
What you give you will eventually get back. You want everyone coming to you for advice.

Invest In Yourself

Create content that is specifically for your business and target audience. Create quality videos, podcasts, info graphics, and it will build you long term success for free.
Now if someone is searching for a specific query you are going to pop up in multiple search formats.

To build long term success, focus on your own site and content.

90% of all home buyers are online searching so if you are on top of it they will find you and come to your site.

Ah Ha Moment

“It is that time of enlightenment where you really see the forest through the trees.”

Alex has one nearly every week or every month. As you grow you always push through resistance. He believes if you always push through you will always learn something
Alex has his own mastermind group, course, and by teaching other people he is getting much better himself.

He surrounds himself with like minded people that are smarter for ultimate success.
Whatever you have on your mind, start it right now! The longer you wait to start; your competitors are going to be doing it instead.

If you make yourself accountable every week, and accomplish small goals over 90 days, you will get that compounding effect a lot faster.

Lightning Round

Best advice, it is all about commitment and consistency.
Best advice you herd, his mentor told him he was not charging enough.
One personal habit that contributes to your success? He has a morning ritual and starts the day by reading or drawing. He meditates and drinks a protein shake. It starts his day strong.
Internet resource:
Fav. Book Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success
If you woke up tomorrow and had to start your business over again with $500.00, a laptop and a car what would you do.
He would go to and align himself with other people in his niche.
He would go after creating relationships and helping more people. Perhaps do free work and get paid if they make profit.
He would use the money to build a website and buy business cards.
His contact;

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